DURA Pulvertec 602 P

Standards DIN 32529

Typical application

It is used in wear protection for the hard-facing of tools and machine parts in the mining industry, road construction, execavation, well digging, deep drilling etc.

Recommendations for best welding Results With flame spraying welding, the surface has to be cleaned thoroughly
of rust, grease and oil. The roughening of the metallically clean surface should be effected by blasting in order to facilitate a good bonding of the spraying layer. The surfaces of a workpiece not receiving a sprayed layer must be covered or masked before blasting. All blasting agents must be clean and dry. The blasted surface must be cleaned with a clean wire brush of any grains of blasting agents and must be
blown off with dry, oil-free compressed air. Avoid touching the blasted surface without handprotection. The sprying process should be carried out immediately after the preparation of the surface.
For Hard-Facing unalloyed and low alloyed steels (cats stell) with a max. of 0.45%C, higher C content could leader to cracking

Mechanical properties
of all-weld metal
(typical values)

Hardness of fused tungsten carbide (HV 0.4)
ca. 2200 – 2400

Hardness of matrix alloy HRC

ca. 56 - 62
Supply Specification

Matrix NiCrBSi + WSC

Grain Sizes +45μ - -90μ

Paket 5,00 kg/plastic containers

Statements on composition and application are just for the applier.s information. Statements on mechanical properties always refer to the all-weld-metal according to valid standards. DURAWELD may change the characteristics of its products without notice. We recommend the applier to check our products for their special application autonomously.