Standards DIN8555 E21-GF-UM-60GP

Characteristics DURA OKs 448 ELK is a steel tube filled with fused tungsten carbides.
It is a dip-coated electrode suitable for electrical welding on AC as well
as on DC. The weld metal consists in a tungsten-steel-matrix with embedded tungsten carbides. The extraordinary hardness of the fused tungsten carbides (WSC) of approx. 2100 - 2500 HV 0.4 imply the high build-up wear resistance.
The carbon content of the base metal should not exceed 0,45 % in order
to avoid lack of fusion. However, the base material should have enough
strength to avoid the penetration of the build-up in the base material.

Typical applications

It is to expect on-armour-platings of tools and machine parts in the mining, road construction, well digging, special civil engineering, depression drilling technology, where strongest abrasion by minerals may occur.

for best welding

To get a good result the welding areas should be properly cleaned of rust,
rust, grease, tinder and similar pollutions.
Preheating to 350-500°C is recommended. The lowest possible currency should be used to avoid the melting of the hard particles.
For Hard-Facing unalloyed and low alloyed stells (cast steel) with a max.
of 0.45 % C, higher C content could lead to cracking.
The selection of the grain size und the rod diameter depend on the
application and the size of the tool to be hard faced.
Lower particle sizes are recommended when the wear from abrasion is
dominant, bigger sizes for fitting a tool for stronger cutting strength.

Mechanical properties
of all-weld metal
( typical values )

Hardness of fused tungsten carbide
(HV 0.4)

2100 – 2500

Hardness of matrix alloy HRc
ca. 62 - 66

Weld metal analysis (typical, wt. %) Fe
ca. 40
ca. 60
Current =+/~, 50V

Welding positions PA,PB

  Dia./Length mm
3.5 x 350
5.0 x 350
6.0 x 350

Amperage (A)
Grain size/ mm
0.5, 1.0
0.5, 1.0

Statements on composition and application are just for the applier.s information. Statements on mechanical properties always refer to the all-weld-metal according to valid standards. DURAWELD may change the characteristics of its products without notice. We recommend the applier to check our products for their special application autonomously.