DURA OKs 448 Ni

Standards DIN8555 G21-UM-50-CG

Characteristics Flexible welding rod for oxyacetylene welding. The weld-deposit
consists of an NiSiB- matrix alloy bearing a high percentage of
fused tungsten carbides.
DURA OKs 448 Ni excels by producing smooth, clean seams and
by its excellent flow characteristics which are due to the alloy.s low
meltingpoint of 950°- 1050° C.
The Ni-base matrix alloy provides excellent resistance to acids and
alkaline-corrosive media.
DURA OKs 448 Ni is used for applications which are subject to
extremely strong abrasive wear combined with corrosion stress.

Typical applications

Hardfacings on tools and equipment parts made of ferritic and
austenitic steels, e.g. mixing blades, grinding plates, stabilizers in
petroleum exploration, slurry pump valves, molding sand preparation
plants, etc.

Recommendations for
best welding results
Thoroughly clean the welding zones from corrosion, grease, scale and
other contamination.
Depending on the alloy type, heavy work pieces may require preheating
to 300 - 500°C and sectional up heating to approx. 650°C on start-up
of the welding process.
Adjust the torch to a slight acetylene excess and a soft flame. To
avoid overheating the base metal should be just starting to sweat, and
the deposit should not be touched with the flame centre.

Mechanical properties
of all-weld metal
Hardness of matrix
alloy HRC

ca. 45 - 52

Hardness of fused tungsten carbides (HV 0.4)
2200 - 2600

Weld metal analysis (typical, wt. %) NiBSi matrix
ca. 37

Fused tungsten carbides
ca. 63

  Dia./Length mm
3.5 x 450/coils
4.0 x 450/coils
5.0 x 450/coils
6.0 x 450/coils
8.0 x 450/coils

Grain sizes mm

5,00/ca. 18,00
5,00/ca. 18,00
10,00/ca. 18,00
10,00/ca. 18,00
10,00/ca. 18,00

This product will also produce with spherical WSC.

Statements on composition and application are just for the applier.s information. Statements on mechanical properties always refer to the all-weld-metal according to valid standards. DURAWELD may change the characteristics of its products without notice. We recommend the applier to check our products for their special application autonomously.