DURA OKs 448 Ni-T

Standards DIN8555 G 21-GF-50-CG

Characteristics DURA OKs 448 Ni-T is a tubular rod containing fused tungsten carbides in
a nickel base matrix alloy. This alloy is especially designed for gas
welding. The weld metal is composed of 60 to 65 % fused tungsten
carbides which are embedded in a matrix alloy containing 35 to 40 %
DURA OKs 448 Ni-T excels by producing a smooth, clean surface. The
alloy flows extremely well, due to the low melting point of between
900 and 1000°C.
The nickel based matrix alloy provides excellent resistance to acids and
other corrosive media. DURA OKs 448 Ni-T is used for applications which
are subject to extremely strong abrasive wear and corrosive media at the same time.

Typical applications

Hardfacing equipment parts made of ferritic and austenitic steels, e.g.
mixer blades, milling plates, conveyor worms, stabilizer blades, slurry
pump valves, molding sand preparation plants , corrosion resistant
hardfacings on parts which are subject to strong abrasive wear, e.g. in the chemical industry and the food industry.

Recommendations for
best welding results
Thoroughly clean the welding zone. It should be exempt from grease,
scale, corrosion, and similar contamination.
Preheat the work piece to 300 - 500° C. During the welding process the
local base material temperature has to be increased to 650°C, however,
overheating should be avoided.
Adjust the torch to a slight acetylene excess so you can weld with a
double flame cone.

(typical values)
Matrix HRc
ca. 45

Fused tungsten carbide HV 0.4
2200 - 2600

Weld metal analysis (typical, wt. %)

Welding positions

ca. 37



ca. 63

  Dia./Length mm
4.0 x 450/700
5.0 x 450/700
6.0 x 450/700



Statements on composition and application are just for the applier.s information. Statements on mechanical properties always refer to the all-weld-metal according to valid standards. DURAWELD may change the characteristics of its products without notice. We recommend the applier to check our products for their special application autonomously.